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high speed rollup doors

High Speed Rollup Door Manufacturers (Rapid Doors) India

high speed rapid doors high speed rollup doors
  • Neelcon Automation & Arch. Products is a manufacturer and dealer for High Speed Rollup Doors / Rapid Doors with German quality.
  • Door size 3m x 3m to 6m x 6m.
  • Aluminium guide channels with rubber gaskets for smooth operation.
  • Door to be with soft rubber bottom edge for anti-collision.
  • Same motor for all size of doors.
  • German make motor with high quality control panel and switch.
  • Type: Total fabric and with see through view option available.
  • Colors available: Green, Red, Orange, Blue.
  • Speed: 3meters in 1 second.
  • In case of power failure: Hand crank or chain can be used to open / close the door.
  • High Resistance to weather.
  • One of the Best and durable product than other products available in India of various brands.

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